WordPress and Short.cm Zap

WordPress and Short.cm Zap

If you are dreaming about a personal blog or website – WordPress is what you really need. It is one of the best services for creating websites.

After launching a blog or website, you need some important as well as useful apps for high-quality promotion. So Short.cm is one of them.

How does Short.cm help to promote blog-posts?

Short.cm has launched integration with Zapier what opened access to hundreds of apps. Creating a Zap between WordPress and Short.cm will help you to increase the CTR and automatize the workflow.

When you write a new post to WordPress, Zapier automatically creates a short URL for it. You will manage to find a short link in your Short.cm dashboard and immediately to share it with the audience.

This fact allows you to observe the statistics with the utmost accuracy and understand how much people are involved in your blog post. Remember that short, readable links make people click on them, which lead to well brand recognition and increase the engagement.

How to customize a WordPress and Short.cm Zap

First, sign in Zapier, Short.cm and WordPress accounts.

Then watch a detailed video instruction about how to create a Zap.

Good luck!

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