How to Edit Short Links in Bulk

How to Edit Short Links in Bulk provides a feature to edit links in bulk. The process is based on a built-in Google Sheet. With bulk edit you can update such fields as short URLs, original links, slugs, titles, UTM-tags, iOS/Android links, cloaking, expiration date/link, tags.

The main advantage of bulk edit is time saving. Instead of manual editing that takes hours, you are done with editing in a matter of minutes.

How to edit short URLs in bulk

Here's how you can edit a bunch of URL in a matter of minutes.

1. Go to your account.

2. Click Bulk Edit.


3. Edit necessary data.


4. Click Edit Links.


The process may take 1-2 minutes. After that all changes will be saves. You can check them on your dashboard.

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What did you learn?

  • edit a bunch of links
  • how to edit short urls in bulk
  • how to update short links in bulk

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