How to Import Short Links in Bulk

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How to Import Short Links in Bulk

In case your current link shortener doesn't meet your requirements: is too expensive, has few number of features, or too slow support, import links to You can easily do that without losing the original URLs and associated data.

Note: If the URL shortener doesn't allow exporting links, contact support.

To start importing links, follow the instruction:

  1. Request your current URL shortener for exporting links.

  2. Get a file with short links.

  3. Go to your account.

  4. Open User Menu.

  1. Choose the "Integration and API" tab.
  1. Open the "Link import" tab.
  1. Upload the file by clicking on "Choose a file" or dragging.
  1. Import your links.

Note: In case if links don't appear on the dasboard in 24 hours, contact support.

What did you learn?

  • How to import links.
  • Importing links from other links shorteners.

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