The Correct Number Of Clicks on Facebook

If you promote an ad with a short link on Facebook, you might notice that Facebook statistics show more link clicks than’s one. That is because Facebook displays different types of clicks. Learn, which metrics you need to track the correct number of clicks.

Types of clicks on Facebook

Usually, the number of clicks is in the “Link clicks” field. However, Facebook statistics differ from standard approach.

You can get a report on eight different types of clicks within the Facebook interface:

  • Link Clicks.
  • Unique Link Clicks.
  • Outbound Clicks.
  • Button Clicks.
  • Clicks (All).
  • Unique Clicks (All).
  • Social Clicks (All).
  • Unique Social Clicks (All).

The correct number of clicks is displayed in the “Outbound clicks” metrics.

The difference between link clicks and outbound clicks

The metric link clicks reports the number of clicks on ad links to specified destinations or experiences, on or off Facebook-owned properties. For example, if someone clicks on a call-to-action button that takes them to a website or app store, Facebook reports this click as a link click.

Outbound clicks show the number of clicks that take people off-Facebook owned properties. If someone clicks from a full-screen experience to a destination off Facebook-owned properties, this click will be reported as an outbound click.

How to get the "Outbound clicks" metrics

You can see how your ads perform in Creative Reporting. Creative Reporting shows you results on all the ads you are running. In Creative Reporting, you may customize types of clicks to show.

To activate outbound clicks in reporting:

  1. Go to the "Business manager" page.

  2. Open "Ad Account Overview."

  3. Click on a "Columns" button. A “Customize columns” pop-up appears.

  1. Choose “Clicks” in the engagement block.

  2. Put a check next to “Outbound clicks” and save.


Now your ad report contains an “Outbound clicks” field and the number of clicks on and Facebook is equal.

The article is about:

  • Clicks metrics on Facebook.
  • How to customize correct number of clicks on Facebook?
  • Detailed statistics on
  • Facebook prefetching mode.

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