Downtime: How to Keep Short Links Working

Downtime: How to Keep Short Links Working

Downtime is a period when a service is functionally unavailable for use. Downtime can occur unexpectedly, or it can be planned. Unexpected downtime often happens when a system is unable to work due to an unplanned event.

There are some spread reasons, which could cause an unexpected downtime:

  • Web Hosting Issues.
  • DNS Issues.
  • DDoS attacks.
  • Natural Disasters. rarely experiences downtime (knock on wood), but no one is safe. In case is downtime, your short links won’t work temporarily, but we’ll do our best to fix the service as soon as possible.

How to keep short links work provides some advanced features for keeping your short links active in case of the service downtime.

Dedicated Cluster

A custom cluster is an individual cluster in any region you choose, provided for enterprise users. Its nodes do not have public IP addresses, only private addresses, so the workloads run in an isolated environment.

In case of a DDoS attack, which makes downtime, the private IP addresses will work properly. Despite the protection of DDoS attacks, a custom cluster provides isolated traffic. As the servers are closely located, they offer the fastest upload and download speed. A separate connection speeds up the data transmission what leads to constant work.

Advantages of a private cluster:

Data protection. One of the main reasons to choose an individual cluster is privacy. Since connection on the network is isolated, no attack can be connected to the private addresses. This setup is perfect for businesses that handle many data.

Speed. A private address is more secure than a public network. Private addresses let to isolate traffic which leads to secure connection and high-speed downloads.


If a custom cluster doesn't feet your needs, secure the short links with SLA. To make sure you won’t lose money because of the service downtime, you may sign SLA. In case the service is inactive more than the specified time, you’ll get the refund.

SLA is a primary commitment between a customer and a service provider. It is a requirement for the quality of service, for which the provider accepts financial responsibility. is a profitable company, uptime of short links during last year is more than 99.9%. We have failover in different Amazon availability zones, and we understand how important it is to keep your links working. With SLA, we will have the financial responsibility to keep your links available all the time.

Conclusion provides reliable options to manage links at scale. The features were developed for large organizations to integrate with advanced processes for big teams.

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What did you learn?

  • Custom Cluster to peotect your website.
  • How to protect your website from DDoS attacks.
  • How to exalarate website download speed.
  • for Enterprise users.

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