What is Deep Linking and Why do You Need it?

What is Deep Linking and Why do You Need it?

Deep Links are the links, which redirect users to the specific content of the website.

The visual example of a deep link is:

The deep link redirects to a specific web page with the product. https://www.amazon.com/B06-Plus-Bluetooth-Receiver-Streaming/

The non-deep link performs as a website homepage. https://www.amazon.com

How does deep linking work with mobile apps?

Deep links redirect users directly to the app after clicking a short link. Users click a short link, and if they have your mobile app installed, they are redirected to the specific page of the app. If not, they are routed to the browser page.

iOS Deep Links: Universal Links

Apple presented Universal Links that are standard web links. When you click a Universal Link, iOS automatically determines whether the application is installed on the device. If yes, a user is redirected to the app. If not, a user is redirected to the relevant Safari web page.

Android Deep Links: App Links

Android App Links are similar to iOS Universal ones. App Links lead to a website or the application, depending on the availability of the app on the user’s mobile device.


  • Deep linking is fully adapted to mobile requirements, making it easy for users to scroll the app. Mobile apps meet better UI than the web version of the application.

  • Deep links increase user engagement thanks to the app redirections. It’s not likely users will move from a browser deliberately to search for your app. Use deep linking to route them directly to specific content. Users may not even know about the app availability, so it’s a chance to present your mobile application.

  • Google is one more way for customers to get into the application, as search robots index deep links and may establish them on top-search results.

  • Deep links assist in the re-engagement of users. If the customer has stopped using your application but has not deleted it, engage him/her with a special offer.

  • Deep links enhance marketing promotion by tracking the statistics of your campaigns. With deep linking, you know when the user installs your application by clicking on a specific mobile link. Integrate deep links with additional apps, like Google Analytics, for getting more in-depth analytical data. With Short.cm, you can enable deep linking statistics without codding.


Deep links let you:

  • Engage more app visitors.
  • Increase sessions and conversions.
  • Run smarter analytics.
  • Get in-depth insights into customers' behavior within the application.

What did you learn:

  • What is deep linking?
  • The advantages of deep links.
  • Enable deep linking for the short links on Short.cm without codding.
  • Short deep links.

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