How Can Help Make Your Agency Thrive

Agencies are organizations built to provide services to people. They usually connect clients in need of specific services with people who are experts in them. Although the concept sounds fairly simple, running or building a successful, smooth-sailing agency is no easy feat.

It is especially more challenging today. There's always another agency, and the level of competition seems to be getting tougher. People are expecting the very best and refuse to settle for less. Thankfully, some tools that can help you enhance your agency.

Let's discover how can help you fine-tune your agency. Features That Will Make It Easier to Run Your Agency

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Almost anyone can find useful, but it has various features perfect for you if you're an agency. From advertising to data gathering, our services help agencies overall. Here are a few superpowers you will benefit from if you have a free account.

Manage Multiple Branded Domains

A website is a requirement for any agency in today's modern world. The chances of an agency being successful without an online presence are slim. That's why it's essential to have multiple domains dedicated to providing clients with online services.

However, it could backfire if your agency's website is prone to errors. Already irrelevant information, an inconsistent setup amongst the domains, bugs here and there, contradicting information—all these are problems usually caused by having your domains in different places.

Not only will you confuse and frustrate your clients, but your agency will also appear unprofessional. With, room for error becomes smaller as our link shortening services let you have your domains in one place.

You don't have to leap across one domain to another, changing settings and updating things individually. With, it is possible to apply all the features and settings to every domain.

Plus, when all your domains are branded to have your agency's name, it only adds to your company's authority and legitimacy. You can also have multiple custom domains if you're also handling short links and tracking for your client's websites.

UTM Tracking

No agency is complete without some form of advertising, and these days, social media is one of the most viable options for advertising. Inexpensive and effective, the right amount of social media exposure will get you a long way (why else is everyone trying to go viral on TikTok?).

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Spending money on ads can be a good investment, but here's a tip for those trying to save: UTM Tracking. With UTM Tracking, you can determine which social media platform brings in the most users.

It isn't only limited to social media. Email marketing, websites, and more are all ways you can get people to your website, and UTM Tracking can tell you how many people each brings.

With UTM Tracking, you can gauge your ads' effectiveness on every platform. For example, if you had placed a link with a UTM tag in your email marketing campaign, UTM Tracking could tell you how many users had visited your site by clicking that link.

It would also sort and count all the visits, providing you with a list of accurate data. From here, you can determine which social media platforms (or other advertising platforms) are the most effective and which are not. With this, you'll have all the data to make informed choices.

While UTM Tracking can be difficult to set up, makes the job easier. Here's how to set it up at no cost.

Teams With Roles

Agencies usually have a small or large group of people that are segregated to do their tasks. A group could be dedicated to HR, another to customer service, and so on. Everyone has a role to fill, and when all roles have been filled perfectly by capable people, the agency runs smoothly.

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This logical structure is also in short links. Not everyone has to (or should) have access to all the data a short link can present. Changing settings and features should also be limited to specific people.'s Teams with Roles feature helps keep teams organized and focused on their roles. You can set four roles: owner, admin, user, and read-only.

Owners are the team members that create the link. They have full access and control to the settings of the link and all the data the link provides. There can only be one owner. The owner can also assign roles.

The next role is the admin. They can manage domains, and they can access link reviewing and operations. This role isn't unique; you can have as many admins as you like. Then, there's the user. The user can access the statistics and may create, share, or edit links.

The last role (and the role with the least amount of control) is read-only. The two things the read-only member can do is look at the statistics and share links.

When you have an agency of more than four people, the teams with roles feature can keep members focused on their roles and have things organized. The consequences of miscommunication can also be minimized as not everyone has access to a link's features and can make mistaken changes.

If you want to organize your agency, check out our guide on creating a team and assigning roles.

So you've got the attention of a potential client. You successfully had them click on the ad you worked hard on. You can already taste the avail of service, but then their hesitance got the best of them. Unfortunately, they soon forget about your agency, and the sale never happens.

Isn't that a frustrating situation? Fortunately, short links have a feature that ensures your agency keeps popping up while surfing the web. It's called link retargeting, and it's incredible.

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Link retargeting continues to show your service or product ads to your user even when they've left your site. Once they click your short link, they get a target on their back, and ads are fired at them repeatedly. This way, a single click can ensure that your agency and what it offers will be hard to forget.

So, whether you're using AdRoll or Facebook Pixel, you can set up link retargeting to ensure your ads always stay in front of your target market's minds.

Main Page Redirect

Aside from link retargeting, you can also use the Main Page Redirect feature for your short link addresses. That way, when your clients visit your link page, they can see all your short links, social media links, and more. The Main Page Redirect can be a quick reference, allowing your clients to access your most important pages from a single page.

There are specific templates for online stores and personal websites, and we're also launching additional templates soon for eCommerce services and traditional businesses. And since it already comes with every plan, you can keep all your links in one place, and you don't have to spend extra to get useful features. Makes Everything Better

Short links are everywhere, yet only a few know the magic they can bring you. With, you can enjoy our tailor-made features for agencies like you.

Now that you know some of our capabilities, why not take a deeper look and see how we can further help you grow? Visit today, try our free plan, and find out what we can do to help you and your agency thrive.

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