How You Can Use the Main Page Feature

How You Can Use the Main Page Feature
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If you browse the web long enough, you will undoubtedly encounter an unavailable website. The most common ones are probably "503 service unavailable" or "404 error page not found". This problem can get frustrating, especially when a user anticipates visiting a particular page.

Redirects are here for this reason. They redirect users to another designated site by changing to unavailable URL to another one. You can make this site your home page or create a custom Main Page Redirect.

While redirecting your users to your company's home page might sound logical, it's often not the best option. Here's why you should use's Main Page Redirect feature for your short links.

1. Keep Your Visitors

Imagine clicking an ad for a sale—it's an image of a branded black leather watch you've wanted for ages, and it's discounted, too! So, you hurriedly click on it, only to be met with an unavailable page.

You'd surely be disappointed.

This isn't an uncommon scenario. Thousands, if not millions, of sales are lost because of expired links or unavailable pages. While you can redirect the user to your home page, they'll be confused, especially if they expect to get to a sale page.

But with the Main Page Redirect, you can ensure that your most important pages, like your latest sales, members-only pages, and other important links, are shown to your visitor.

With that, they can continue shopping, so you can convert that click into sales.

2. Show Them More

The main page is where users will return when they want to explore your brand. Typically, the main page will have links that lead you to pricing plans, product sections or service lists, FAQs, and more. It will also be well-designed and welcoming.

That is what you want your visitor to see. Rather than an expired link, an accommodating site with information on what your brand can offer and easy access to your products is a much better first impression to give.

Main page redirects could even benefit you more for hesitant visitors. For example, if a potential customer sees an ad they're mildly interested in, they click it to check it out. However, instead of the product, they're sent to the main page, where there are more choices.

Your visitor is now more interested and more invested. They see all the other options; they find out your brand's beliefs align with theirs and see the discount section—whatever the scenario, bringing them to the main page may increase the possibility of a sale.

3. Make Hassle-Free Changes

So, your other domains or subdomains need to be updated. They contain irrelevant information or advertise a product that's no longer in stock. This inconvenience could pose a problem as visitors may happen upon your site. Guess what? That doesn't have to be a problem.

The main page redirects work here too. Instead of visiting a site that's under maintenance for a reason, they're directed to the main page. No more irrelevant or expired data—only the best for your clients.

4. Do It in an Instant

Setting up main page redirects isn't nuclear science. But if you're a beginner with little to no background knowledge of links and domain settings, doing this task may seem daunting.

Fortunately, you can quickly set up a Main Page Redirect with You don't need to build a custom website or be a computer expert to get this set up. Just log into your account, click the Main Page tab, and start customizing your links.

Once you've finished creating your Main Page Redirect, don't forget to ensure that all your short links redirect to this page. With that, you know that when your audience clicks on your link, they'll always be shown an updated page—even if the original link has already been deactivated. Has More in Store

Redirects are great, but they're only one of the dozens of features can offer. Powerful features like campaign tracking, detailed statistics, link retargeting, and more are available.

They're all designed to enhance your online brand, making it run smoothly and providing you with relevant information. Check out today and learn how its features can help your brand flourish.

Modern and Demanding Times

It's 2022. Room for error or unfixed lapses are no more extended concepts clients accept. In a world where businesses have so much potential to grow, entrepreneurs are opening up shops, and the competition gets fiercer. Minor mistakes could mean losing a client to a more seamless competitor.

The same is true for online brands. No customer wants to be met with faulty websites and inconveniences. They expect smooth-running systems and the best you can offer. Perhaps it's time to up your game and invest in your brand's future.

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