Ways To Increase CTR With Short Links

CTR is a ratio of users who viewed a link to users who clicked it. CTR reflects the interest of users in your articles. The more clicks a link has, the more interesting the content is for users. In addition to increased traffic, Google often encourages websites with a higher ranking.

You may get CTR through some channels: social network posts, email marketing campaigns, paid advertising campaigns. Wherever you add a link, you need to convince users to click it. Short.cm specializes in link optimization. You may create an attractive link here. However, you need to follow some rules to succeed in CTR increasing.

1. Use only a branded domain.

A branded domain describes your company. The domain represents users the main idea of your brand. The more often users see your brand name, the more likely they will remember it while choosing a product trademark. Use short branded links to recall customers to your brand.

With the help of Google Trends and Google Alerts, you can determine how much growth was developed through brand mentions and brand references.

2. Use an appropriate top-level domain.

Domain extension is a clue part of a domain name. It is necessary to select such a top-level domain, which is entirely related to the subject of the site and the region where it is planned to be used.

Note that .com TLD is the best option. This TLD is the most popular all over the world, and it is firmly fixed in the minds of people.

3. Use keywords in an URL slug.

Keywords are significant factors in SEO. Focus on certain phrases, which people search on Google. With using keywords in a slug, you help search engines to index and rank page correctly. Users at once may guess the main idea of the web page.

For example, you are going to promote an article about the importance of an URL slug. The title of your page is “7 reasons why URL slug is important for website SEO.” Any blog service will automatically create a slug like “7-reasons-why-url-slug-is-important-for-website-SEO.” However, this kind of slug may confuse both Google and users.

Optimize a slug by including only the main keywords. A slug may look like “slug-importance.” This is a brief and clear version. Search robots may easily understand by which keywords you want to rank the page.

4. Make a link short.

There are no specific recommendations for the number of characters in the domain name. Just remember: the shorter, the better. Try to use no more than 10 characters.
Regarding the number of words: the more words a domain name contains, the less valuable it is.


Short.cm provides a possibility to optimize your short links from one place. Test each option for increasing the CTR. A perfect way does not exist. Success can be achieved through tests and experiments.

What did you learn?

  • The importance of short links to CTR.
  • How to improve CTR using short links.
  • Short.cm helps to increase CTR.

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