What's New

What's New

Short.cm introduces some updates over the last two weeks. Learn the details about the new releases below.

1. Copying a link referrer in the Clicks Stream statistics.

The referrer column on the Clicks Stream table indicates the address from where a user opens your link. We've allowed clicking this link for a quick redirect. It may provide you the additional information of a site indexes the links.

amplitude report

2. Developer portal

We've implemented the Short.cm developer hub. It includes a collection of comprehensive guides and documentation that support if you get stuck, as well as help to start working with Short.cm at an early date.

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3. Tracking emails

To track the open rate, Short.cm uses a transparent pixel image. This image is inserted at the bottom of the emails so as not to spoil the layout. The image is invisible, so neither you nor recipients see it.

How to Track Emails Openings

Read the Instruction

4. Only automatically generated domains are allowed

Short.cm provides customers with a generic "shortcm.li" domain to test the service. Some users may apply a free domain in spamming purposes developing the strange names. Now, Short.cm prohibits creating names for the generic domain on the own. Short.cm reises an error if somebody enters "something.shortcm.li" in the domain addition input.

A generic domain is generated based on an email address. There is an example of a generated name after the "alex@gmail.com" email.

amplitude report

5. Migration from Bitly

There's a method of importing short links from Bitly to Short.cm. We've improved the algorithms to make it works quicker.

How to Import Links from Bitly

Read the Instruction

What did you learn?

  • Short.cm pricing.
  • Short.cm URL shortener.
  • Why does Short.cm have cheap pricing plans?

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