API for Short Branded URLs API for Short Branded URLs

If you would like to use to shorten, brand, share, or track links using programming languages, you are on the right page.

Get Started with the API

Make your service advanced with shortening functions by implementing some link shortener features to your app through the application programming interface. API allows developers to use the already coded blocks to build an application.

The usage of the API is based on a personal API key. It provides access to features and your account. To get started, you need to create a account and copy your API key here:

Note: The API is available for free. You need to upgrade, only if you want to use paid features.

The API is available for free. You need to upgrade if you want to use the paid features.

API Features

With API References , you can integrate the following tasks into your application:

  • managing short links
  • shortening a link
  • creating links in bulk
  • updating the original URL, title or path for existing URL by ID
  • managing your domains
  • applying retargeting
  • requesting link/domain statistics

The API page is easy to navigate and has a clear structure that helps you find the content you're looking for a lot more quickly. Test the codes straight on the page by specifying an API key and clicking 'Try it.'

Used languages: cURL, Node.js, Ruby, JavaScript, Python.

Developer Hub provides detailed tutorials on how to use API if you get stuck and need help in leveraging codes. Used languages: Node.js, Ruby, Python.


Developer Hub


API limits

  • You can create 1000 links per one API call (1 API call per 5 seconds).
  • Bulk create API allows you to send 5 requests in 10 seconds.

If you are a Enterprise user and would like to increase API limits in your account, please contact our support team to enable this feature.


After installing some shortening functions to your app, customers can use your branded domain, like Twitter users who shorten links with On the contrary, customers can create short links with their own branded domain, which adds value to their brand.

If your company wants to add shortening and click-tracking features to a product, ship it fast and cheap with the API.

Test the API

Try it out

What did you learn?

  • How to shorten links straight from your app?
  • How to add a URL shortener to your website?
  • API for Custom URLs.
  • API for developers.
  • api
  • How do I use Google URL shortener API?

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