Updated Bulk Shortening Sheet: New Fields Added

Updated Bulk Shortening Sheet: New Fields Added

Short.io is trying to do its best to fit customers' needs. The last update seems to be the most requested in the recent time. It is about adding new fields for bulk shortening via Google Sheet.

Now, you can shorten links in bulk by applying features such as UTM-tags, mobile targeting, link expiration, and link cloaking. You do not need to customize these features manually for each link.

The advantages of shortening via Google Sheet

Short.io provides two methods of shortening links in bulk. The first method is carried out via the Short.io API, while the second can be done via the Google Sheet. Sometimes, shortening a pack of URLs with Google Sheet is more helpful.

  1. No tech skills needed. Unlike API, where at least a basic tech knowledge is required, Google Sheet calls for downloading a .csv document and customizing minor settings.
  2. Features in bulk could be applied. For example, you want all your shortened links to expire in two days. With link expiration in bulk, you can specify the date for all links at once instead of manually customizing the expiration date for each link.

Fields Format

Here is an overview of the fields' format that you can see within the Sheet:

  • UTM source, UTM medium, UTM campaign, UTM term: text;
  • Link title: text;
  • iOS Link, Android Link: link;
  • Cloaking: checkbox;
  • Expires At: date YYYY/MM/DD;
  • Expiration link: link;
  • Tags (comma separated): text.

Watch the video guide below on how the new features for bulk shortening work.

The article is about:

  • features in bulk;
  • link cloaking in bulk;
  • link expiration in bulk;
  • mobile targeting in bulk;

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