Why do You Need the Short.cm API Integration?

Why do You Need the Short.cm API Integration?

API for developers is a magic tool that allows for implementing a service's features on the programming level. With the API, developers can technically access all the lush features that are available on the web interface.

If you're a large or small tech company that needs to create thousands of links and fulfill them with all Short.cm features, the API perfectly comes in handy. You can shorten and automatically customize thousands of URLs, as well as get some additional features and analytics.

Why do you Need to Integrate with the Short.cm API?

Short.cm has developed an open-access API for advanced managing of links for those who have programming skills. You use already complete solutions, just adding a bit of your tech knowledge. The advantage of using API is saving time and money.

Let's dive deeper into the Short.cm API specialties.

1. Implemented URL Shortener

The primary needs for using the Short.cm API is creating and sharing short URLs. You can automatically connect your customers with a URL shortener. This way, they get short links straight on your app without any third-party service.

When implementing the shortener to the app, you have two options. The first is to create links with a Short.cm generic domain like Buffer uses "buff.ly/ldjsI83" or Twitter "t.co/w785sd." The second is to use your custom domain, such as "brand.io/url-slug."

The URL shortening and tracking would then be hosted on the Short.cm servers, which have 99.9% uptime. That saves you time in having to do it yourself.

Short.cm API allows creating short links in bulk by using the API. You can create 1000 links per one API call (1 API call per 5 sec). Instead of manual shortening or shortening with more limited and slow bulk creation, you get your links in a matter of seconds.

2. Available Domain Purchasing

Let your users choose the domain they want to use for shortening. Sometimes, it may seem annoying for customers to shorten just with your branded domain. Let them make a choice to add their custom domain or use yours.

Buy domain on Short.cm

Except for adding a custom domain from an outside registrar, implement domain purchasing to your application. All bought domains will be stored on Short.cm. However, you can transfer them in any time to manage by yourself.

3. Built-in Statistics

Tracking statistics is a primary option for marketing. If not analysis, how will users find out about the success of the link? To stand out from competitors, you should provide built-in statistics for short links on your app.

Domain statistics on Short.cm

Short.cm offers detailed statistics that can partly replace Google Analytics. For example, if using UTM-tags, your customers won't seek assistance from additional services. Short.cm provides tracking of UTM-tags. In addition to UTM metrics, used operating systems, countries, social networks, and browsers are available to extract the effectiveness of short links.

4. Ready-made Features

Allow customers to strengthen short URLs by implementing the Short.cm features in the application. Short.cm provides you with features ranging from customizing a slug to advanced marketing options like deep links and retargeting.

Wrapping Up

Developing all the features by yourself will take time and money. Feel free to use the Short.cm code. With Short.cm, you build a powerful app that suits all of your customers' needs and saves you money.

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What did you learn?

  • free api for developers;
  • c# url shortener;
  • api for utl shortener;
  • create your own url shortener;

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