How to Launch SMS Bots with

How to Launch SMS Bots with

SMS marketing is a tool used by many brands to improve customer service. Usually, brands send SMS to keep customers informed about updates like order confirmations, delivery fulfillment, and others. Since SMS messages are limited by the number of characters and sending a few ones is expensive, applying a shortening service has become a helpful tool.

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How would you benefit from SMS marketing?

  • Short messages with a call-to-action phrase
  • SMS containing a customized short link for saving characters
  • Tracking the number of read SMS, redirects, and conversion
  • Deep linking for a short link to promote a mobile app via SMS
  • Instant notification along with the contacts from your CRM

SMS marketing goes further and becomes more advanced, so now SMS bots are at the top. This is a convenient use of AI, as you don't need a person to answer the same messages. Restaurants, for example, apply SMS bots to offer visitors to order a dish, and e-shops ask customers to rate their service and leave feedback. integrates with Twilio Studio via the API. By leveraging the API for link creation, a short URL will be shortened and added automatically to the SMS. You can build an extended scheme for a complicated bot by applying both SMS and calls and including a short link to the messages.

Here are the ideas for SMS bots designed by Twilio Studio:

Here are some possible variants of SMS bots: when a user initiates a conversation to order tea, for example, and on the other end, for the company to ask for feedback. provides a detailed instruction on how to create an SMS bot where the user initiates the conversation. You can also launch a conversation that is started by your company.

How to Build SMS Autoresponders in Twilio Studio: and Twilio Studio Integration


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