Social Media Marketing: Why Every Business Need It

It is not enough just to launch a website for the full and successful online business promotion. An important role belongs to social networks.

The easiest way to recommend something to your friends is to share a link or feedback on social networks. Researches show that 65% of users put the value on recommendations of their friends and opinion leaders.

Learn the reasons, why SMM is inevitable for your business.

High search results.

Active management on social network public pages affects the ranking of your company in search results. The more active you are on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest), the more likely a user, asking for help in Google, will face your site.

Direct communication with customers.

Customers appreciate the personal contact. Social networks are an ideal platform for this. You can get valuable feedback that shows clients their opinion is necessary for the company.

Custom content.

You can stimulate clients to create free advertising content on their social pages. An example is the competition of personally named Starbucks coffee cups. Users happily blew up the social network with photos of the brand, taking part in the activity organized by the company.

Brand loyalty.

Build a content strategy around the audience interests and problems. Useful materials, photo collections, competitions, events, and promotions will involve users. Through involvement, your customers and followers become loyal, recommend your brand to friends, and protect the interests of the company.

Brand awareness.

After rebranding and renaming, new brands and companies need not only to create content but also to convey it through popular communities and opinion leaders. This allows the brand to remain on the heels of its audience, even without currently offering unique products and services.

Direct sales.

The B2C sector is one of the first spread on social networks. This method is actively used in the direction of cosmetics, clothing, accessories, and personalized items. One of the most successful channels for the sale of consumer goods is Instagram. It combines visual perception, recommendations of friends, and opinion leaders such as fashion bloggers and celebrities.

Extra traffic to the site.

Social networks can serve as an excellent channel to attract the target audience to the site. Thanks to social networks you may set up target audience, which makes advertising more effective. In such cases, you may not even use your social networking pages, but receive targeted traffic to the site to turn the visitor into a client, subscriber, or community member.

Social networks are the best way to use short links, as vanity URLs are short, attractive and memorable. For example, you may save some space on Twitter with a short link, as Twitter limits the number of characters. Use a short link on Instagram bio, as you may not edit a short link with updated information. You just need to edit a destination URL.

Moreover, you may share short links on social networks straight from the dashboard.


Talk about your benefits, dressing it in an exciting form and remember about the quality of the content. Do not be afraid of experiments. Even if you do not see the positive results, you will get invaluable experience.

The article is about:

  • Social network effectiveness.
  • Why do you need social media strategy for your business?
  • The importance of SMM.

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