How to Track Video Conversion with Short Links

How to Track Video Conversion with Short Links

The number of video blogs is growing faster and faster. Customers are now influenced by videos more than by texts.

Cisco's Visual Networking Index states that video marketing takes 80% of global internet traffic. Moreover, according to another survey, consumers prefer watching a video description of a product over reading about a product. Media ComScore published results that state 64% of users buy a product after watching a video. All the survey results lead us to conclude that video marketing is now the top priority, and contemporary brands should take note.

Why is Video Content Important for Your Brand?


By using link shorteners, you control the engagement and analyze the behavior of the visitors. Each shortening service provides statistics, which allow for tracking of primary indicators, such as the number of clicks on the short link of a video blog/YouTube channel/tutorial.

To get the most out of the video promotion, and provide a new beginning for your video channel, follow the four tips below.

1. Use YouTube to Share Videos

The most popular video app is YouTube. Using YouTube is inevitable because it has the most significant number of audiences compared to other video services. YouTube provides built-in statistics.

You can use short links in the description of the video and directly on the video (see the №2 tip).

2. Share Short Branded Links to Social Media

Post short links to several social media channels (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) to engage more audience. With branded links, you track the divided statistics by social network. Thanks to short URLs, you see how many visitors click the link from Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


This contributes to a profound consideration of social media effectiveness. A shortening service is a great product to value the attractiveness of the video content with multichannel advancement. You will have not only a general number of views but also the place and time of actions as well as the browser and device. After statistical results are gathered, you estimate the strengths and weaknesses of each social channel and improve your marketing strategy.

3. Measure the Engagement of Each Video Part

If you want to know which part of the video pushes the viewer to take action, use short links in several parts of the video. YouTube has an option to paste a link and a button on the video.

Post short links at the beginning of the material; in the middle of the video, where details of the product are described; and at the end, where the offer is disclosed.

Using the Campaign Builder option, you can segment links for precise analytical results. Each link belongs to a specific part of the video. Analyzing the effectiveness of the fragments will help you understand what most attracts the audience.

The shortening services allow you to gain deep insights, simply by using tags. UTM Campaign Builder is a free feature on

4. Fill in Video Descriptions on YouTube

Is filling in the description for YouTube videos worth it? Definitely, yes. YouTube audiences generally pay attention to the description because it gives people the opportunity to understand what the video is about. As a result, when people understand the main idea of the video, chances are they'll watch it.

Links to another YouTube videos or playlists could perform as an option for YouTube video descriptions. You know: More views - more promotion - more statistical results - more insights.



Using short links is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to track not only the actions of users but also to predict their next steps. Armed with the received data, you can optimize video marketing strategies.

What did you learn:

  • Short links in video marketing.
  • How do I track a YouTube video?
  • How do I track video views on my website?
  • What is a video marketing strategy?

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