Retargeting campaigns with, AdRoll, and Segment

Retargeting campaigns with, AdRoll, and Segment

AdRoll is a retargeting platform. Retargeting is a process of showing ads to the visitors who have left your site. The advertisements display the products which visitors haven’t purchased. Retargeting platforms turn “window-shoppers” into buyers.

How does AdRoll work?

AdRoll provides with a JavaScript code, which you should add to your website footer. The retargeting code anonymously implements cookies in visitors’ browsers. Thus, cookies let monitor people who visit your site. After leaving the website, users face the advertisements of your brand in the social channels.

Advantages of AdRoll:

  • AdRoll supports 500 ad exchanges. You can choose one of them or some channels at once. For example, Twitter and Instagram, or Facebook and Google Analytics.
  • With Adroll, which has a personal market area, you won’t overpay for placing an ad in the marketing channels.
  • AdRoll provides with tools which help to point a particular group of visitors.

Why do you need for using AdRoll?

As an alternative way of installing a JS code to the website, you can use for automatic loading data from your site. Segment transfers website data to the AdRoll library and makes all installation steps AdRoll requires. Thus you avoid implementing code in the site, thereby simplifying the installation process.

How AdRoll and integration works

As you might guess AdRoll and interact with the help of Segment.

  1. You create a short link in
  2. People click on the shortened link and visit the destination URL.
  3. Segment monitors data clicks from and transfers the information to AdRoll library.
  4. AdRoll displays the ads to those visitors, who clicked on your short branded link.

Note: the information about links and clicks is stored only in administrator control panel. We don’t share the data about your links with third-parties.

Memorable and attractive short branded links let you increase the CTR and show the advertisements for a broader segment of people.

The video-guide below describes the installation process of and AdRoll integration.

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