How To Set up Retargeting on

How To Set up Retargeting on

2% is the average index of customers who purchase when visiting a site. The remaining 98% of visitors simply leave the website without reaching the finish action—buying a product.

Retargeting is a tool that helps convert website visitors into customers/buyers. The instrument displays ads only to those users who have recently visited the site and took some actions (added a product to the cart, clicked on a link, registered, or added payment info).

How does Retargeting Work?

Let's say Kate is browsing your website. She adds a product to the cart but leaves the site without buying it. In a few days, while surfing the Internet, Kate sees an advertisement launched by your website that promotes the product she's added previously to the cart. This type of advertisement acts as a reminder. Kate herself recalls the unfinished purchase, clicks the ad, and lands to your website to finish the purchase.

Retargeting takes place after setting up a unique JS code to some website pages or throughout the whole site. The retargeting code anonymously implements cookies to visitors' browsers. Thus, cookies enable the monitoring of visitors who open a website.

Retargeting for short links doesn't require technical skills

The initial idea of short links retargeting is based on one action—clicking a short link. After a user clicks a short link and leaves a website not making a favorable action, then he/she will face ads displaying an earlier clicked short link.

As an alternative to installing a JS code on the website, provides integration with Segment. The basic idea is to connect retargeting apps to via Segment so that it automatically receives data from the shortening service and transfers it to the retargeting app. Thus, you avoid implementing the code to the site, simplifying the installation process. integrates with AdRoll and Facebook Pixel via Segment. Segment monitors data clicks from and transfers the information to the app's library. Applications display the ads for those visitors who have clicked a short branded link.

Read the articles with detailed instructions on how to set up the integration for and retargeting apps. The video guides will simplify the way of retargeting installation. provides Retargeting on the Personal plan.

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  • url shortener remarketing
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  • retargeting ads

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