The topicality of editing short URL destination

The topicality of editing short URL destination

Editing a short link destination helps you to save time, money and gives protection from a mistake.
Every day we share short links, but the question is how to control all of them.
Once you share a short link with a wrong destination, you have a chance to edit a website you redirect users.

Why should you edit a link destination?

Social networks
After you have posted a short branded link to your social network page with a wrong URL, you don’t need to delete a link quickly and repost it again with a correct destination. Just edit!

The disadvantage of sending a wrong link via email lies in its irrevocability. You need to send the second message, what is unacceptable especially for business correspondence. So that editing a link destination inevitably helps to avoid embarrassing situations.

Offline marketing
Using a short link in the offline marketing campaign is a good idea. Imagine if the number of printed media is spoiled with a wrong short branded link - it leads to a loss of investments. Here is a great decision, which helps you to save money. You may just edit a destination, that’s all. Thus printed media will be in safety.

Such a simple feature helps you unnoticeably for the customers and partners to correct mistakes and successfully save money.

BUT that is not all reasons for editing the URL of a short branded link.
If an offline marketing campaign is temporary, for example, for a discount, you may change a destination through some time when the sale ends up.
In such a way, you won’t need to reprint media with a short branded link or QR-code and waste 5000$ again. broadens the opportunities and simplifies your work process.

Our service provides you with a “Link expiration” feature that gives you a chance to set up a date for editing a URL automatically. You fix a particular time, when a landing page should be changed from one to another.
Сonsequently, you don’t need to keep in mind the date when you need to refresh the old link. It will be done automatically.

How to change a URL in case of a mistake and where to find "Link expiration" feature?

You will find all necessary tools in your account.
In case of making a mistake, change the wrong original link to correct one.


For using "Link expiration" feature set a date as well as a new necessary link.
This feature is available with a small plan.


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