Emoji Short Links Now on Short.cm

Emoji Short Links Now on Short.cm

All people around the world are now using emoji in messages. It is a modern language, which is used to express emotions. Thanks to emoji, messages are full of energy. We can easily understand what the author feels by using emotional icons.

You may like emoji or not, but now most world brands are using them to grab customers’ attention and increase the conversion. See the examples of world brands, which already included emoji to their campaigns.

  1. Domino’s Pizza
  1. McDonald’s
  1. Disney
  1. Diesel

Short.cm and Emoji: What's in common?

Using emoji just in comments or marketing campaign isn’t a limit. The last Emoji trend is to add smiles to the domain names and links.

Now you can add emoji to a domain name and short links on Short.cm.

Adding emotions to your short branded links helps to stand out from other brands, stay modern, add humor, and save some space. For example:

  • cinema.xyz/horror-films ➡ cinema.xyz/💀🎬
  • delivery.food/burgers ➡ delivery.food/🍔
  • money.to/currency-exchange ➡ 💵.to/💱
  1. Go to Short.cm dashboard.

  2. Shorten URL or click a pensil icon to edit an existed one.

  3. Add emoji to customize a link and save.


What did you learn?

  • Short links with emoji.
  • Emoji short branded links.
  • Short.cm and emoji links.
  • How to ass emoji to short.cm links.

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