How to Customize a QR Code

In the competitive world of marketing, innovation is key to staying relevant. Enter QR codes—a modern essential for marketers. As businesses adapt, so should their strategies. QR codes seamlessly blend traditional and digital marketing, providing a user-friendly gateway for instant information access.  

They signify a progressive shift, streamlining user experiences and establishing a direct connection between brands and audiences. They showcase a forward-thinking approach to engaging today's tech-savvy consumers, making them an indispensable tool in the marketer's arsenal. 

Several more advantages exist when you use QR codes in your marketing strategies. But first, let's learn how to create and customize them for your brand! 

How to Customize a QR Code with 

Customizing QR codes can be done for free online. However, several risks exist when using them on no-name shorteners. When dealing with things for your brand, it’s always wiser to go for sites with an established name and happy clientele. is an established link-shortening service that boasts of big, household-name brands as their clientele. Fortunately, they’re perfect for startups and smaller brands, too. With, customizing QR codes for your brand isn’t only easy, but it’s budget-friendly, too! Here’s how. 

  1. Log into your account.  
  2. Shorten a link.  
  3. Click the QR Code icon. 
  1. Customize your QR code. (You can control the error correction level, colors, picture upload, etc.) 
  1. Download the QR Code. 

And there you have it. With the QR code, you’re not only keeping up with modern marketing but also giving your customers an enhanced and convenient experience! 

8 Ways QR Codes Make Your Brand Better 

QR Codes are a way to keep up with today’s marketing trends and strategies. However, they give you several other advantages. Here are a few of our favorites! 

Contactless Payments 

 QR Codes are found in coffee shops, restaurants, malls, and even smaller shops. That's because few things beat the QR Code when it comes to convenience. 

They have become the best instruments in facilitating contactless payments. By incorporating QR codes into your payment system, your brand aligns with current trends and caters to the growing demand for secure and hassle-free transactions.  

This improves your customer satisfaction and positions your brand as tech-savvy and customer-centric. 

Physical Advertisements 

 Placing your brand name and link on your packaging is a great way for consumers to remember your product. Placing a QR Code on them makes them check it out online. 

By placing QR codes on packaging, brochures, and posters, consumers can effortlessly access additional information, videos, or exclusive promotions.  

Moreover, the marriage of physical and digital elements through QR codes helps brands gather valuable insights into consumer behavior.  

When you track QR code scans, businesses can analyze which aspects of their marketing collateral resonate with the audience, allowing for data-driven refinements in future campaigns.  

Promotions and Discounts 

 The immersive experience facilitated by QR codes goes beyond information access. QR codes are a direct gateway to promotions and discounts, turning passive consumers into active participants in promotional campaigns. 

For instance, a QR code on a poster might grant access to a limited-time discount or a special offer. This offer incentivizes immediate engagement and creates a sense of exclusivity, encouraging consumers to stay connected with the brand for future promotions. 

Feedbacks and Surveys 

 Customer feedback is invaluable for any business striving for improvement. However, most people aren’t inclined to fill out surveys. Some people are even paid to them. So, when you want your consumers to do them for free, you better ensure they are easily accessible.  

With QR codes, you make them just that—easily accessible. Instead of having them sit and fill it out on paper or giving them directions to head to your site and look for it, all they have to do is scan a code, and they can answer it. 

Location-Based Marketing 

 Utilizing QR codes for location-based marketing enhances the relevance of your brand messages. Integrating QR codes with geotargeted campaigns allows you to deliver personalized content to users based on location.  

With location-based marketing, you can increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and showcase your brand's adaptability to the preferences and needs of specific demographics. 

Product Authentication 

 Counterfeiting is a persistent challenge for many brands. QR codes can be employed as a tool for product authentication, assuring customers of the authenticity of their purchases.  

When your users scan your QR codes on products, consumers can access real-time information, ensuring they have genuine products and reinforcing trust in your brand. 

Social Media Integration 

 In an age where social media plays a pivotal role in brand visibility, QR codes offer a seamless bridge between entertainment and business. 

They provide a direct link to specific content on social media platforms. Users can access relevant content swiftly, whether it's a promotional video, a new product launch, or a special campaign. This accessibility fosters a more immersive brand experience, allowing consumers to stay informed and connected with the latest updates. 

Business Cards 

 QR codes redefine the conventional business card, transforming it into a versatile and interactive tool.  

With QR codes on their business cards, professionals provide instant access to contact information, portfolios, or social media profiles, setting their brand apart with a commitment to efficiency and technological innovation.  

This modern approach enhances connectivity and showcases a forward-thinking mindset, making a lasting impression in today's business landscape. Powers Up Your OR Code 

The QR Code is a great asset to offline and online marketing. But that’s not all there is in QR Codes. When combined with tools like Geotargeting, Analytics and Tracking, Deep Links, A/B Testing, and more, they become a testament to just how much your brand can grow online. 

Much like QR Codes, with, you can take your marketing strategies and enhance them. You get dozens of impressive features that help you garner the exposure and positive customer interaction every brand needs to flourish.  

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