Links import

Links import

The previous article was about links export, thus you know that allows downloading existed short branded links from the dashboard to the PC. links import feature provides customers with links import too. If you have links which are already branded by another shortening platform, you may easily transfer them to This feature lets keep links without losing the original URL and associated data.

Why do you need this?

Imagine that you decided to change the shortening service. As URLs data is important for you, you can’t let links be vanished. In such a way, you just export links from your ex-shortening service and import them to As a result, links are transferred with all attached as well as necessary information.
For today imports links only from Bitly, but it is expected to widen this list.

Note: If talking about Bitly service, only users with paid plans may export short links. Free users have access only to tagging and hiding bitlinks.

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