Deep Linking: Increase Mobile App Downloads

Deep Linking: Increase Mobile App Downloads

After a mobile app is already developed, the next step is to think about the additional methods of engaging users to increase downloads and revenue. Today, on the blog, we'll take a closer look at a special instrument that has been developed for promoting mobile applications and understanding the mobile audience.


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Why is Deep Linking Important?

Deep linking is a powerful instrument that assists in increasing revenue and user retention, as well as the number of downloads and streamlining the mobile experience. A deep link redirects users to the relevant content of a mobile app with a single click. There are no multiple paths confusing the users or creating any friction in their journey with the app—irrespective of the stage they are at (awareness, consideration, decision).

After clicking on an ad, a visitor has the option to choose between downloading a mobile application (if it's not downloaded) or opening a page on a mobile browser. Without deep links, users should download a mobile app and then search for the needed page manually. However, not everyone has enough patience for this.

5 Use Cases of Mobile Deep Linking


The psychological factor plays a vital role here because, after showing a user a notification for downloading an app, this idea will plant the seeds in their minds. As a result, users will become aware that the app exists and will download it for the convenience it offers.

How to perform deep linking

Combining a URL shortener with deep links is twice as useful for promoting a mobile app. Wouldn't it be better if these features were combined in one service? This is where comes in handy. provides a mobile deep linking feature that redirects users who click on a short URL to the app or a browser. In case the app is already installed, the needed page is automatically opened.

How to Set up Deep Links on


The advantages of a short deep link are a branded domain and a customized slug, detailed statistics for tracking a mobile user's journey, and the convenience of combining short deep links in one instrument.

The benefits of deep URLs

  • Deep linking is fully adapted to mobile requirements, which makes it easy for users to scroll an app. Mobile apps offer better UI than the web versions of an application.

  • Deep links increase user engagement thanks to the app's redirections. It's not likely that users will deliberately move from a browser to search for your app. Use deep linking to route them directly to specific content. Users might not even know that an app is available, so this is your chance to introduce your mobile application.

  • Search robots index deep links and establish them on the top search results. That's why visitors can come across a deep link not only via ads on Facebook but also via Google search results.

  • Deep links assist in the re-engagement of users. If customers have stopped using your application but have not deleted it, it engages them with a special offer that makes them open the app again.

Wrapping Up

Using deep links in a marketing strategy increases the chances of driving more downloads to the application. provides a 7-day free trial for each paid plan, so it's an excellent opportunity to test if deep linking fits your needs.

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What did you learn?

  • What does deep link mean?
  • What are custom deep links?
  • How do I create a deep URL?
  • How deep links work
  • Deep links for short links

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