What's New

What's New

Short.cm introduces some updates over the last two weeks. Learn the details about the new releases below.

Desktop Application

Short.cm launched a desktop application for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.


It runs on the user’s desktop or laptop computer. The main benefits of the desktop application are high efficiency and user interface flexibility.

Learn the detailed instruction on how to install the Short.cm app


Android App Release

Say hello to the Short.cm Android app. Finally, we've succeeded in launching the mobile application.

Short.cm for Android is fully integrated with Short.cm desktop app. Copy, customize, share, and track your links straight from the phone.

Simply download the app and manage your short links on the go!


New Link List Design

The page includes easily readable, clean icons, making it convenient to navigate between links. We customized the Material Design to reflect the Short.cm brand better.


Time Zone

Create and track short links in different time zones. This helps while traveling when you can change a time zone depending on the country.


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What did you learn?

  • Custom cluster feature.
  • Protect your reputation by using custom ip.
  • Redesigned icons, tabs, and tables.
  • Emoji short links.

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