What's New

What's New

Short.cm has introduced some updates over the last two weeks. Learn the details about the new releases below.

  • Feature:

Filters for Click Stream

Tracking the detailed data of each click, thanks to the clickstream feature, might be sometimes confusing. There is so much data to analyze so that a needed link may be lost in the stream.

To make the clickstream clear and understandable, Short.cm has implemented Filters. Now you can specify a needed data for a click and get results according to your request.

For filtering, Short.cm provides a date range and all the metrics from clickstream. You can make data more detailed by including and excluding the values of a parameter. For example, you can create a request that shows clicks from all Countries, except the USA; or, on the contrary, show only the clicks from the USA.

shortcm-bulk-utm shortcm-bulk-utm
  • Technical issue:

Automatic Mode for Anti-fraud

Short.cm receives too many complaints about suspicious and spamming short links. As Short.cm is a reliable service, spammers must be banned quickly. That was the reason for launching the anti-fraud program. Now Short.cm receives automatic notifications about a suspicious "shortcm.li" link that was automatically banned.


The advantage is that manual banning could take 2-5 hours, as spamming may take place at night. Technologies don't sleep; that's why the new Short.cm Anti-Fraud Mode bans malicious short links 24/7.

  • Fixed:

Now click statistics are accurate for short links with the 8-bit Unicode Transformation Format slugs.


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The article is about:

  • url shortener detailed statisics;
  • how to track short links
  • how to ban a spammer
  • anti-fraud program

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