What's New In Short.cm

Short.cm has introduced some updates over the last two weeks. Learn the details about the new releases below.

1. Wow! It’s a new registration process.

Short.cm now provides you with a quicker and easier registration process.
To create an account, you can:

  • Use a free Short.cm subdomain "shortcm.li."
  • Use a domain bought from a domain registrar, or buy a domain from Short.cm.
  • Create a subdomain for your website domain.

Watch the video tutorial on how to sign up in Short.cm with:

  • A free subdomain “shortcm.li”.
  • A domain bought from a domain host.

2. Updated "Link edit" window.

  • Save and Cancel buttons. Make various changes and click on the “Save” button only once.
  • New icons.

3. “Share link” window.

As Google is going to close Google+ next year, we’ve replaced its icon with a Reddit's one. Now, you can share links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Pinterest straight from the dashboard.


The article is about:

  • Latest news in Short.cm.
  • New registration form.
  • How to sign up in Short.cm with a free, spare, or website domain.

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