Redirect Nonexistent Short Links To The Specific URL | Tutorial

Redirection to another web page is based on sending customers from an old/nonexistent URL to an appropriate one avoiding the 404-error page. When users visit a nonexistent URL1, they will be redirected to a specific URL2 you point to in settings.

When do you need to use redirection option?

  1. If the website visitors enter a short link with a non-existent alias/id, they will be redirected to the URL you specify. This can be the URL of your website landing page or a specially created branded 404 page (Not found).

  2. If you want to change a short domain, you can redirect customers from old short links to the website landing page with the new short domain. This helps users not to be confused with the error page. Visitors will be at once redirected to a relevant URL.

  3. If a new short domain is still not active, and the old one is irrelevant, you can redirect users from old links to your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or blog page.

How to customize the redirection option in

  1. Sign in
  2. Go to the “Domain settings” page
  3. In the “Redirect nonexistent short link to” field, insert the necessary URL where visitors will be redirected in case of entering an old or nonexistent short link
  4. Save

Watch the video instruction below for a visible customizing process. The video starts with the second instruction step.
In case of obstacles, feel free to contact support.

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