Why Every Brand Needs Link Management

Why Every Brand Needs Link Management

Link management means full control over created URLs, namely editing, optimizing, and analyzing links.

URLs are a connection between a brand and a website, social networks, email marketing, SMS and advertisement campaigns, and finally, customers. Without profound link management, customers could lose access to your brand. That is the reason why taking full control of URLs is essential for businesses.

Shortening services are those tools that give an opportunity to easily manage created links: from creating to analyzing, sharing, and filtering.

Short.io Features to Manage Links


Branding a Domain

The first step of link management is branding a short domain. Creating links with a generic domain leads to a decrease in brand recognition. As a result, you could face more complicated link management. Branding a domain means that you own a domain name that precisely describes your brand and allows customers to recognize it easily.

One more advantage of using a URL shortener for link management is adding multiple domains and managing them in one place. For example, your primary domain is brand.com, and you want to divide links for social networks, email marketing, and advertisement. It is where subdomains come in handy.


By adding three different branded domains like social.brand.com, email.brand.com, and ads.brand.com, you manage three different marketing branches from one account.

Short.io allows you to manage multiple domains from one account. Bonus tip: Being able to add three branded domains is provided in the free plan.

URL Management is about Better Organization

If all links are stored in one place, your control over them is more straightforward. Moreover, you can organize multiple teams and give the team members access to different domains with different roles. Link management is possible with external companies that could manage links with some limitations, like only tracking the statistics.


Collaboration work contributes to better link management as every team member has his or her own responsibilities. In case you want to create links for different types of content or mark the links creator, leverage tag links. It's a good instrument for link management as it contributes to quicker link searches.

Protect Your Brand with Destination Editing

Don't panic after sharing a short link to the wrong direction. Link management is about controlling each step of link points, including a destination editing.

Short.io cares about the success of customers' short links, so editing a destination URL is possible for free. However, being able to change an original URL comes in handy not only in case of a mistake but also when updating the destination for up-to-date information. One example is updating a link in a bio on Instagram that leads to the latest article or YouTube video.


If you're using a generic URL shortener, you aren't able to change internal features like customizing a slug or editing a destination. With Short.io, it's possible.


Whether you run a big or small business, link management is inevitable. The reasons above display its importance. With the Short.io tool, you may easily take control of all your links and make them a powerful instrument towards brand recognition. Short.io is a flexible and secure URL shortener that provides an extensive set of features.

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