6 Mistakes to Avoid when Shortening URLs

6 Mistakes to Avoid when Shortening URLs

Sometimes, you could face poor statistical results after shortening a link. Did you analyze why it happened? If not, we can predict the reasons for the short URL's ineffectiveness. There are some common mistakes while shortening links, which could distance you from link success.

1. Random slug

Using a random slug is the most common mistake among short link creators. Users often don't want to spend one minute to edit a slug, thinking that such a minor component doesn't influence link success. However, the recent A/B test showed that short links with a customized slug increase the CTR up to 30% in comparison with random ones.


Remember to use words that grab customers' attention; it could be something that emphasizes the article or website's benefits, for example, 'discount-today', 'link-importance', 'increase-CTR', and so on.

2. Generic domain

Using generic domains is the most serious mistake to avoid. Let us explain why.

  • Branding
    When sharing generic links, you don't promote your brand; you promote another brand. Suppose you do not want to promote the shortening service you use; you should buy a branded domain to represent a personal brand only.

  • Recognition
    By using generic domains, there's no chance to tell customers about your brand. Except for you, other companies can also use the same generic domain of the same URL shortener. As a result, there is no difference between your links and the links of your competitors. Thanks to the branded domains, your company is distinguished from another and is easily recognizable.

  • Trust
    Some URL shorteners provide customers with the generic domain to test a service. However, the generic domain is also used by spammers, so they often compromise its reputation. Branded domains are credible, as users can see the brand name, which promotes a link. A personal domain belongs only to your company and cannot be compromised by spammers.

Custom Domain Names: How to Choose the Best One


3. Using capital letters in a slug

Don't use capital letters in a slug. It makes users click on the extra button. As a result, customers don't want to waste time entering a complicated URL.
You can be sure that easy-to-enter links call more attention than illegible ones.

4. Creating links without tracking statistics

Short.io provides detailed statistics for customers' convenience. It helps to check statistics regularly after sharing a short link. According to this, you analyze the behavior of users and conclude what links are the most successful. The future marketing strategy could be built based on the gathered data.


5. Creating links without UTM parameters

UTM parameters extend the possibilities of tracking short links because they help profoundly track where traffic is coming from. This tool is especially used in advertising and marketing campaigns.

You can set up different UTM values depending on the purpose of the campaign. If there is a button, link, pop-up window, or a banner, you can attach UTM tags to track effectiveness. When publishing a link to some social networks, use different source parameters to track the effectiveness of each traffic channel.


Short.io provides all price plans with the UTM tag tool. You just create a branded link and then attach UTM parameters. The statistics are shown in Short.io or Google Analytics.

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Taking into consideration all the mistakes mentioned above, I hope you will now be able to create links that will have future success and skyrocket CTR. Be attentive to any—even minor—options. Who knows which one will bring you high involvement?

What did you learn?

  • Mistakes while shortening;
  • Statistics of short URLs;
  • How to create a short link;
  • How to shorten links;

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