What's New


What's New

Short.cm introduces some updates over the last two weeks. Learn the details about the new releases below.

1. A new page for bulk link creation

After you click the "Bulk create" button above the link list, you'll be redirected to the new page. It offers you two options: to open access to your Google Drive what lets us creating a Google Spreadsheet for you; to copy a template by yourself.


2. API

  • UTM Tags for API. We've added the additional tags: utm_term and utm_content to the link creation API. Now you can dive deeper into the traffic origin.
  • Statistics of an API call now includes timestamps in addition to human-readable dates.

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The article is about:

  • Short.cm API for developers.
  • How to shorten links in a bulk on Short.cm.
  • API call, Google SpreadSheet help to create many short links.

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