What's New

What's New

Short.cm has introduced some updates over the last two weeks. Learn the details about the new releases below.

  • A/B Testing

Whoo, amazing news! Now you can test which version of a web page performs better. When clicking a short link, 50% of users will be redirected to the original page, the other 50%, to the variation page. Just add the variation page and track the results.

  • HTTP Status

Choose a rule for redirection according to your needs. Here are the four options to select from:

  1. 301 Permanent — for pages moved permanently. Useful when you migrate from the old website to a new location. The search engines will update the index, and the page will be permanently moved to the new URL.

  2. 302 Standard — the default behavior. Users will be redirected to a new location without cache. Search engines will follow the original URL.

  3. 307 Standard — for forms submission. Useful to track form submissions. The browser will visit a short URL first and then actually submit the form.

  4. 308 Permanent — for forms submission with a permanent redirect. Useful for form submissions with HTTP POST/PUT redirect. All POST data, which was sent to the short URL, will be submitted to the destination URL.

  • Improved speed of loads

  1. Autoincrement link creation policy supports high-speed link creation.

  2. Improved password hashing/encryption process. Speed of brute force attack on password hashes dropped from 100,000/s to 10/s.

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The article is about:

  • Conduct A/B tests on Short.cm.
  • Choose the HTTP status for the correct redirection.
  • How to test landing pages.

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