YouTube: The Best Tool For Video Marketing

YouTube is the largest video platform. YouTube viewers cover all age brackets and demographic groups. The most common segment is 18–44 years old, and it makes 56% of YouTube viewers. There are no gender differences: 55% of men and 45% of women.

According to statistics, 55% of Internet users watch videos every day. Most of them look for answers not on Google, but on YouTube.

For business, video content is an essential part of brand promotion. This is one more sales channel, which attracts users. Thanks to videos, you make the content more exciting and enjoyable.

The scale and type of business don’t matter. You can create useful videos, which will attract YouTube viewers to your website. On YouTube, any business can achieve excellent results, whether it is local, national, international, advertising business; real estate agency, online retail store, supplier of goods or services for B2B.

"If today your promotion strategy does not include YouTube, this is the wrong strategy." Phil Nottingham, Distilled Video Marketing Specialist.

How to use YouTube for business?

YouTube for brand recognition.

Online video promotion shows better results than traditional TV commercials. That is because too small percentage of people watch TV and trust TV marketing.

Videos, which are aimed to increase brand awareness are usually entertaining and use soft-sell advertising to fix the name and image of the brand on viewer’s mind.

YouTube to promote products.

You can use YouTube for both the whole brand promotion and individual products promotion. This requires creating an informative, educational or entertaining video.

YouTube for direct sales.

YouTube is an excellent channel for generating direct sales of goods and services. It would be best if you showed the product or service in action, and then redirect the visitor to your website where they can make a purchase.
One of the best ways to display a product is a video tutorial. Show how your product should be used, which useful functions it has, and you will conquer the viewers.

YouTube for support.

Not all companies use YouTube to attract customers. Some use it to help clients. Review frequent customers’ questions and create one or more videos to answer the questions and solve problems. If you can help your customers in this way, you will provide them with a useful service and reduce your company's support costs — all with the help of a almost free YouTube video.
It is like an FAQ block on the website but in a video manner.

YouTube for internal training.

Your company can use YouTube for internal purposes. Consider, for example, the issue of sales training or the development of new products by staff. What is the best way to organize communication with sellers?

Previously, you had to collect them all from all over the country to the central office and conduct at least one-day training. It is clear that it was expensive and required significant efforts. Now you can use YouTube for this.


As you might notice, also uses explanation videos in articles to describe features in details. This is convenient both for marketers and for customers. So, if you still don’t use videos, keep up with the Joneses by learning how to create them.

What did you learn?

  • YouTube for video marketing.
  • The advantages of YouTube.
  • How to use YouTube successfully?

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