Using for Christmas Campaigns

Using for Christmas Campaigns

Launching a holiday campaign can seem quite challenging. To have success in advertising campaigns, you need to follow some golden rules:

  • Do research. –°hart the way before launching a campaign by analyzing and estimating how customers usually interact with the products, which payment method is the most reliable, and so on. Detect and correct the mistakes from last season's campaigns.
  • Conduct tests. Before a global launch of a holiday campaign, do a small launch a week or two before the real launch. This helps you to test all the components and remove small kinks.
  • Don't bite off more than you can chew. After launching your campaign, expect to face some challenges. It's best to be flexible and ready to make some adjustments to your campaigns.

Below we will walk you through the features that will simplify planning and managing holiday campaigns for you and your marketing team.

A boost in site traffic during the Christmas holidays is no surprise. It's a prime time for businesses to increase engagement and the number of brand impressions. Chances are many visitors will end up on your site for the first time looking for a gift.

With the help of short branded links, you increase the chances to leave a lasting impression. During the holidays, customers are searching hundreds of websites in search of presents. Branded links will help you stick in the minds of visitors so they will return to your business to make a purchase.

Build a strong mobile experience

Many brands bet on boosting online sales via mobile devices and have invested money to improve the mobile experience. If you are among the businesses that rely on mobile sales, you definitely need to apply mobile and deep links.

For example, during an SMS campaign, when clicking on a short branded link, visitors will be redirected to a specific page of your mobile application. Mobile links, on the contrary, ensure a reliable mobile experience without redirecting to the mobile app of your brand.

Dive into analysis

Analytics is first and foremost in holiday campaigns. After all, without analytics, how would you know the number of impressions and visits and, overall, the campaigns' effectiveness? provides detailed statistical data at the country, city, and browser level. That data allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns to improve marketing strategy. And Google Analytics integration serves you the details of paid words and UTM tags that take part in holiday campaigns.

Say you have created a link that redirects to a special holiday offer and shared it across the Internet. Thanks to the analytics, you will be able to see which country drives the most traffic. Since has provided the location map, you will be able to track it graphically.

Those were only some tools that can help you during the holidays. You can take an in-depth look at all features here:

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