Components of a Strong Brand

Components of a Strong Brand

The more valuable the brand is, the more consumers are willing to make a purchase. The question is how to strengthen the brand to be ahead of the game. Below are listed the five essential components that each brand needs to get off the ground.

1. Precise goals

Most companies face the same obstacle — they do not precisely know how to set correct business goals. Very few people can clearly describe a sense of their business, that is, why and what they are doing. By using the word "goal," we don't mean to make a profit. Every company wants to make a profit, but it is the result of their business goals. By the word "goal," we mean something more significant: the idea of a brand, why the business exists, how it helps customers.

Let's consider IKEA as an example. The goal of this company is not just to sell furniture and make a profit. They have a strong desire to create a better life and comfort for homes. It is what attracts customers and makes IKEA the most famous and successful furniture seller.


The goal of making money is a part of each business. But if you want to stand out from your competitors, think deeper.

2. Brand positioning

Positioning is a brand image. It's how customers perceive your brand and what associations they have when hearing about your brand. With positioning, you show the basic properties and qualities of the product as well as revel the problems that your product solves.

Honda and Toyota focus on the efficiency and reliability of their cars. Volvo emphasizes safety.

Crest toothpaste stood out due to the effectiveness of anticaries, but today, almost all toothpaste brands use this benefit.

Nike often emphasizes the emotions of consumers. Examples of slogans include:

  • Play to be remembered.
  • Change history with just one strike.
  • Weave your way to immortality.

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3. Сombination of branded elements

When it comes to your brand identity, a brand logo is not the only element that plays an essential role in company characteristics. Your website URL, brand voice, and branded visual factors also determine your brand. A combination of these components defines brand strength. They have to complement each other.


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Having developed a marketing stack of branded elements, remember to advance the shortening strategy. It is where short branded domains come in handy. A short link with a generic domain hides the brand name and content you share. When you use generic short links, you promote other brands instead of your own. Unless you use a branded domain to tell others about your content, you're missing out on a massive branding opportunity.

4. One-goal oriented stuff

Your brand must inspire a person who works in your company. A clear sense of ideas and values that are common for everyone, from director to cleaning lady, unite your company. Your employees must understand the reason for your brand's existence (see 1) in order to put their energy into your company's development.

5. Customer-oriented concept

We work for customers. They are our primary value. With increasingly developing technologies, customers face one-size-fits-all messages. Of course, communication isn't bound just to them. However, we can likely make customers feel like the one and only. Treat your customers like real people and let them know there's someone who cares on the other side of the inbox.

Listening to, appreciating, and respecting customers are non-changeable values in customer service. After conquering these aspects, move towards modern technologies such as chatbots. Firstly, be human to your customers.

Wrapping Up

A brand is made of components that complement each other. It's like human health: When some organ systems of the body don't work correctly, they can't maintain the life and health of the organism.

What did you learn?

  • building strong brands;
  • strong employer brand;
  • marekting strategy;
  • url shortener and branded domain to strengthen brand;

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