Link Expiration for Temporary URLs Link Expiration for Temporary URLs

Can information be time-limited? Can it cease after a certain point? An expiration date on information sounds somehow weird. But, it is generally spread on the Internet. Temporary information takes the form of sales, special individual offers, and short-term news. Based on that fact, developed the Link Expiration feature.

How Link Expiration Works

At a time when information is changing, short links aren't. With applying Link Expiration, original URLs can be changed at the moment you specify. After shortening a URL, add a date, time, and a new link to redirect visitors.

When the previous link loses its relevance, users will be automatically redirected to a new destination URL. However, remember to set an expiration link, as visitors will face an error page with the following message: "THE LINK YOU ARE TRYING TO ACCESS HAS EXPIRED."

What Are The Benefits?

  1. Save time and clear your mind. With temporary short URLs, you provide users with relevant information so that you don't need to remember the date to change the URL. Links are switched automatically.

  2. Save money. Short URLs are unchanging, so it's unnecessary to launch a new promotional campaign.

  3. Save money 2.0. The price plan includes a limited number of short links you can create. What do you do in case you need just a few more URLs, but there's no need to upgrade your account? As some short links have lost relevance, change their original links to the new ones. This flexible tool lets you do it automatically.

How to Set up

Note: The Link Expiration feature is available in the Personal Plan.

Shorten a link and open "Set expiration date" from the left side of the pop-up window. Specify a date and time of expiration and a new destination URL.

The video instruction below helps to install the Link Expiration feature.

What did you learn?

  • temporary link;
  • expiration date and time;
  • short URLs;
  • branded domain;

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