How to Shorten Links for YouTube Videos

How to Shorten Links for YouTube Videos

If links for YouTube videos are too long and you are looking for a URL shortener, you're in the right place. On, you can shorten links for YouTube videos and track their success with detailed statistics metrics.

Branded short URLs are a perfect way to engage more customers, as short links are tiny, customized, and deliver detailed statistics for in-depth analysis of visitors. provides detailed statistics that include information about the date, time, and OS in addition to the top referrers, countries, cities, browsers, mediums, and sources of a click. In domain statistics, users can track the top links, including the top broken links. This helps to determine precisely what topic most interests visitors and to detect error pages. Also, separates human and bot clicks, so you track only real clicks.


An additional feature for tracking statistics is Clickstream. It was created so that users can get detailed information about a click: the status, IP address, and referrer.

How to Shorten Links for YouTube

There are two ways to shorten YouTube links: with the help of the Chrome extension and manually via Let's go in order.

  • Chrome Extension

With, Google Chrome Extension, and YouTube, you can shorten, customize, and share your videos with your friends or colleagues. Chrome Extension makes it easy to create branded links on YouTube in several clicks and leverage URLs for sharing videos.


When using Google Chrome, it's easier to create short URLs on YouTube. You don't need to copy and paste links manually. With Extension, you can shorten a link from the necessary web page.

  • Website

This way of shortening links seems to be easier but more time-consuming. You need to copy a long link for a YouTube video and paste it to to get a short URL. The advantage is that you can share a link and add some features at once from the link edit window.



No matter which way of shortening YouTube links you choose, both will give you the same result. Leveraging short links for YouTube videos increases brand trust, recognition, and click-through rate.

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