5 Ideas for Video Content

5 Ideas for Video Content

Video marketing plays a leading role in the modern online world as social networks are bursting with video posts. Instagram provides two lead video functions (i.e., IGTV and Stories), Facebook launched Stories, and YouTube has Live Sessions. TikTok is another popular application that is based on publishing videos. The time of appealing images with influential text has passed, and now, it is time for the new era—the era of video streams.

On the Short.io blog, we'll walk you through the video methods that help to engage new customers and increase brand trust.

1. Live Videos

Instagram's launch of Stories in 2016 gave rise to live videos. Nowadays, live videos take place on all of the top social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.


Through live videos, bloggers strive to get closer to their audience. For businesses or coaches, it's an excellent way to share their knowledge, news, or experienced emotions. This approach is successfully used by businessmen and bloggers when sharing knowledge of their experiences or just chatting with the audience. Fitness trainers, for example, train in live videos and engage the audience to join in. Thanks to live streams, the audience learns more about a brand, businessman, coach, or blogger, and is then willing to buy a product/seminar/course thanks to brand trust and assurance.

2. Online Teaching (Webinars, Trainings)

The time when we are learning while being at home has come. How amazing it is to get knowledge using the PC and the Internet. Both businesses and users have to make the most out of this opportunity. Nowadays, the info business is flourishing, and every day we face more and more webinars, online training, and various masterclasses. Don't miss the opportunity to benefit from online teaching and share your knowledge with the audience.


There are fantastic platforms for performing webinars, like Zoom or private live sessions on YouTube. You choose the topic you are an expert in; promote the master class on your website, on social networks, or through SMS and e-mail marketing using short URLs; and meet your audience at the appointed time. The webinars differ from the live sessions in that they are being paid, are more knowledgeable, and demand marketing promotion.

3. Q&A Live sessions

Businesses and entrepreneurs can't always answer all questions in the comments or private messages. Sometimes, followers don't ask anything, but in fact, they are interested in the brand, its story, its concept, its main features, and so on. To kill two birds with one stone, it would be great to launch the Q&A session on Instagram. The idea is to let users ask any questions and answer those questions live.


This increases brand trust and gets brands closer to the audience, while also assisting in analyzing who your target audience is, the pain points of the audience, and the most worrying questions.

4. Video Instructions

If a user is confused by a feature on your website, the best way to explain it is by recording video tutorials and publishing them to a YouTube channel or support page. Thanks to the video instructions, users won't have to puzzle over the feature or read boring text instructions. With short and clear videos, customers will succeed in using the service. The chances of them quitting are low.

Short.io leverages video instructions as a way to deliver the operating process of the Short.io features.

Short.io Instructions


5. Brand Presentation

Presentations shouldn't be limited to PowerPoint. A well-prepared video presentation of the brand idea aims to deliver the audience the main business values. Brand video presentations are used by leading and startup companies to reach their audience and market themselves.

Here is the example of a video presentation by Starbucks. It was created to teach clients about the fine coffees and feel the smell of the dark roasted coffee.


In a period of quarantine, a lot of free masterclasses from experts and services have been launched. There is free access to various exhibitions, and performances are opened in a video recorded format. It's an exciting opportunity to support your audience and provide free training and masterclasses. Today, we have made sure that video marketing is not only the main way of engaging the audience but also an excellent tool for remote learning.

What did you learn?

  • Remote work / remote learning.
  • Short URLs for brand promotion.
  • How to promote your brand on quarantine

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