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In case you were using to create short links, then you must have known that on January 15th, wound down.

If you are still looking for a new link shortener and can't make the right choice, we suggest you use as an alternative to Below are some benefits of that will push you to start a free trial.

1. Stable pricing policy. is the cheapest URL shortener on the market. Why? Every cent counts in the company. prices don't include salaries for hundreds of employees. We haven't increased the prices from the very beginning (2015 year) and don't plan to. We keep our price reasonable and stable for all of our customers to ensure an exceptional experience.


2. Total Privacy. takes care of every customer. We are responsible for keeping personal information secure, so it is stored according to privacy guidelines and requirements.'s Privacy Policy

3. High availability. We guarantee 99.9% service uptime. One hour was the duration of a single downtime in 2019 (New Years' night). In 2018, our downtime was 1 minute. Checking the status is available in public:

4. Growing a profitable business. is a profitable company, and its profit is growing. For 2019, the MRR growth was 137%. With, you can be sure that tomorrow the service will operate.

5. Flexible and fast service. The API and integrations are widely used by hundreds of technical projects. It takes a minute to generate 3000 short links.

6. Free support. Our support motto is: first of all, to be human to our customers. At, we appreciate every customer and are willing to help to overcome any obstacle in the service. That's why provides both email and chat support for free for all users.

7. Fixed price. Let's say your developer makes a mistake and creates 10,000,000 links at night. With dynamic prices, this mistake will cost you up to $30,000. With the bill won't be changed. doesn't charge additional costs. You pay strictly according to the pricing plans.

8. Link export. We don't make our customers use forever. At any time, you can stop using and export all your existed short links for free.

9. Link import. Do you have a file with a list of your links? Import it to in a few clicks.

Final Thoughts provides a 7-day free trial for every price plan. This is an excellent opportunity to get short links off the ground 😊

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